What Men Can Do

What men can do to end domestic and sexual violence.

  • Confront sexist language and attitudes                                                                                    
  • Be a good role model
  • Take opportunities to coach boys about teamwork
  • Submit a newsletter article for WomenSafe’s biannual Newsletter
  • Attend a Domestic Violence Task Force Meeting
  • Sign up for the WomenSafe “Men as Allies in the Movement to End Violence Against Women” Training
  • Attend October Domestic Violence Awareness Month Events(DVAM), and April Sexual Violence Awareness Month Events (SVAM)
  • Work with the Domestic Violence Task Force to plan your own anti-violence event
  • Start a White Ribbon Campaign for Addison County (WomenSafe would be happy to provide guidance)
  • Send money to organizations that work to end violence
  • Go to the following websites to learn more about a man’s role in ending violence against women:

 A call to Men:  www.acalltomen.com

 Men Can Stop Rape:  www.mencanstoprape.org

 Coaching Boys into Men:  www.endabuse.org/cbim/

 White ribbon campaign:  http://www.whiteribbon.ca/